Since 1972 Vema has been manufacturing and distributing quality auto parts all over the world. The company’s logistics headquarters are located near Milan (Italy). 

Vema has always been a pioneering company, dynamic and focused on the evolution of the aftermarket which becomes more selective day by day.

Since its foundation, the company has been famous for the attention it pays to each item in its range, sometimes even changing the original design to improve the performance of its components.

The company was born as a manufacturer of steering and suspension parts (suspension arms, ball joints, tie rods …) and over the years it has always confirmed itself as leader of aftermarket for range extension, quality and competitiveness, but Vema nowadays is not just synonymous of steering and suspension, it can offer a unique catalogue of automotive components in Europe for wideness of items and carpark coverage.

The catalogues are updated every 24 months and developed internally by its technicians, the news are daily uploaded in TecDoc and in its web catalogue, an extremely innovative, detailed and easy to use tool. The company is ISO 9001: 2015 certified and offers warranty on its products.

Quality of its products, Service offered and Innovation are the key to Vema‘s success from its beginnings up today and the values in which it still believes in order to continue to grow and keep itself in the automotive aftermarket sector.


VEMA has always manufactured quality spare parts that allow everyone to repair their car to keep it in the best possible way over the years without sacrificing comfort and safety on the road.


VEMA aims to offer its customers a constantly updated product range, designed to last, with a fast and reliable service.

The famous "VEMA" toy car

Born from the need to create stickers for the 1978 Turin fair, the wife, sadly disappeared, of the representative of Greece, Giovanni Moumouris, set out to create an image for her.

So he designed this toy car, with two characters, one female and one male, who come out of the windows in the cartoon style of the time.

The left arm recalls the suspension arm 165 of the 127, one of the historic items and one of the first sold by VEMA, the figure on the right recalls the 902 steering rod of the 500.

Initially they were attached to the machines, after which the shopkeepers requested them to attach them to the windows.

It has been used as a logo to develop gadgets such as t-shirts, caps, etc. and has also appeared in advertising magazines.

An immersive experience in the VEMA world

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